Whoever travels through the Itria valley, the land of the trulli, is amazed by the sight of the silvery green olive trees, the brilliant red poppies in the meadows, the intense green of the corn as it dances when the scirocco wind blows.

Our in-depth knowledge of the beauty and traditions of this region allowed us to create for the client a route which touched on not only the most iconic sites of the region such as Alberobello and Ostuni but also the real, authentic countryside. The morning’s drive behind the wheel of an Italian open car ended at an old oil-mill. After the visit and the extra virgin olive oil tasting the guests were invited to a picnic set out for them under the ancient olive trees. A real village festa, with the bales of hay used as tables and a buffet of the local delicacies.

The dairyman makes the mozzarella the old way, Mamma prepares the orecchiette, father bakes the bread. The wine straight from the vat and a magnificence of fruit and vegetables greet the eyes from the stalls of this genuine and exclusive marketplace.

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