If we had to give a title to this event it would be A Midsummer Night’s Dream – the little bay of Taormina, the sea, the village lights, the picturesque cliff of Uncle Gennaro together make for an exceptionally beautiful setting.

We set up the tables for the gala dinner on floating platforms to which the guests were taken in old fishing boats.

To breach the fine barrier that separates the excellent from the unforgettable, we created a show on the very topical theme of Nature, its strength and its fragility. The sea, natural primordial element, was the perfect setting. The artists, all well known, danced airily on high stilts, creating flying choreographies of great impact.

Their movements were accompanied by the music of Evangelis, Kitaro, Ravi Shankar and Rocco Vittorio Macrì; the latter having composed original pieces for this performance.

We succeeded in creating the perfect musicality between the rhythm of the Sicilian gourmet dinner, the show and the moments of the company’s communications.

The evening ended with a firework display. As always, we provided excellence. A family with a long tradition of pyrotechnics, winners of several international awards, illuminated the bay with their absolutely spectacular fireworks.

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