For over 35 years we have been organising meetings, incentive trips, conferences and product launches in Italy for the most prestigious brands. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of our country we can manage any type of event at 360° with great competence and know-how, thus guaranteeing success and a great boost to the client’s image.

The key to our success lies in uniting professionalism, financial solidity and the efficiency of consolidated processes with the ability to think outside the box to create a dream experience with you.

For us who have a real passion for Italy, even the most daring project can become a reality, as demonstrated by the many events that tell our story.

Our international clients, with their varied requests and needs, have allowed us to test our skills with a whole range of formats. We have acquired the invaluable sensitivity which allows us to be on the same wave-length as our client.

We are proud to be part of


Our team is at your service to manage effectively the complexities of our country which has much to offer but where it is essential to really understand the bureaucratic and social mechanisms in order to ensure the success of an event.

To imagine, put together and test every piece of the mosaic is what we love about our work and it is what makes us partners of our clients and not merely suppliers.


  • Luxury trips and incentives: Italy is the ideal place for sharing emotions and creating special memories, and Escapade will make them possible

  • Meetings: Escapade will choose the most appropriate and attractive settings for your meetings thanks to a meticulous logistic organisation.

  • Congresses: Escapade is able to organise congresses in every part of Italy, offering the best quality/price ratio.

  • Events: simply because there are some moments when everything has to be perfect…

Martina Russo
CEO of Escapade Imc

Is there still any need for a destination management company? In the age of Instagram, bloggers, influencers everything seems to be only a click away.

I think there is still a need. The multiple channels, the huge amount of information and contacts make everything more difficult and dangerous. Today more than ever, companies and institutions need a partner whose knowledge of the destination is real, not virtual.

So you offer yourselves as a filter between whoever wants to organise an event in Italy and the complexity of your country?

More than a filter, I see Escapade as a creative team which never stops listening. In the digital world the human factor becomes crucial. This is why, although we use the new technologies, we have never relied upon simple automatisms in creating our events. The human factor means that we listen to your requests, which can never be standardised, and together we find the right solutions for you.

Why should a company turn to an intermediary? Who understands its needs better than itself?

Because the do-it-yourself approach results only in mass produced solutions.

I’ll give you an example. To understand that Tiramisù is the perfect dessert to serve your guests is important, but it’s not enough. It isn’t even enough to read the recipe. The pastry-cook who can guarantee absolute satisfaction for your guests is the one who will suggest the most suitable recipe from the thousand regional variations, who will use only the best cocoa, the best biscuits, the freshest eggs and last of all his/her expertise will guarantee an impeccable execution and that special personal touch that makes the difference.

It happens that sometimes clients are tempted to do it themselves and try to follow other people’s recipes with unfamiliar ingredients and end up with an unmanageable product.

With all this experience, your long history, isn’t there a risk that you’re tied to the past, travelling routes which are safe but not innovative?

It’s a risk, but I believe that the love of this profession and of our country is the best antidote. Discovering new vistas, hidden places, authentic flavours, meeting people today who live the traditions of the past make this not just a job but a real passion.

Why Escapade?

Because in Escapade you’ll have a partner who is a point of reference for all the Italian destinations and who will allow you to build a relationship of trust, a sharing of expectations which will guarantee quality of execution with no nasty surprises, and it will cost less. To end, the perfect knowledge of the destinations we propose means that we can manage every event with the same professionalism and know-how whether it be in Milan or Taormina.