On the Rome E-Prix, the worldwide known Japanese car company has defied us with a true challenge: looking at Rome with new eyes, even if we have known it inside out for over 35 years. 

Our capitol city is well known for its cultural heritage, but it is not as well appreciate for its environmental sensibility; nonetheless, we tried to find a green Rome.

The itinerary has been developed in different stop-overs: a big graffiti realized with an innovative paint which absorbs the pollution; an ecologic painting workshop with a renown Roman street artist in a venue found ad hoc, at the Città dell’Altra Economia. The journalists have been amazed in discovering a unique venue where innovative startups found themselves in a big park. At each worker corresponds about 30 sqm of green, an extraordinary working environment, similar only to the big American campuses.

Here, where tradition and innovation meet, the chef who has transformed high quality organic raw materials in delicious dishes for our guests.

The day came to an end admiring a beautiful sunset in the Veio Park, in an organic farm at the door of Rome, founded by the heir of a prestigious fashion company. Here, the love for the beauty and the love for the nature meld; a place where everything, from the rooms to the restaurant, is a model of conversion to organic, and where the animals raised in the wild and the crop rotation are only two aspects of the attention to sustainability. 

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