Italy has always been synonymous with good food – an unmistakeable bouquet of tastes, aromas and scents.

It has the most famous cuisine in the world and more than any other country it offers an incredible variety of dishes and different recipes from every city and region. We wish to offer our clients only the excellences of our country. When we were asked to create a gastronomic route having to choose between so many magnificent options presented a real challenge.

The gastronomic route goes through Emilia and Tuscany. Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Ham, Balsamic Vinegar, tagliatelle, tiramisu, Chianti, cantuccini are but of a few of the delicious discoveries that we have proposed, but the distinguishing factor was in the encounters offered to our guests. The recipes and traditions were not merely recounted and demonstrated but experienced and created side by side with those who preserve the memory and the know-how. Not something cold and instructive but an exchange of tastes, memories, emotions and knowledge.

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