Venice, a dream more than a city, synonym of exclusiveness, is even more elitist during Biennale. The company which wants to associate its image to the sophistication and the beauty can’t imagine a more suitable context.

Escapade has created a series of events for the best clients of an important bank and financial institute. When you work at a so high level, you need to be aware that the true luxury is living authentic and exceptional experiences. A luxury that can’t be bought, but that can be offer, results of study, research, and perfecting, born after two years of work to be realized in few days. 

The fil rouge of this venetian escape isn’t La Biennale, but Venice and its Biennale.

Our job was to select and give value, among hundreds of suggestions, to the events and the places more suitable to communicate the values of research, authenticity, and tradition towards future that the client embodies. 

This approach has been actualized in choosing a charming dwelling facing the Grand Canal but protected by its private garden. Distant from the worldly and displayed luxury, surrounded by the authentic refinement, few rooms, all of them wonderfully diverse and a starred chef who knows how to pamper the palates.

We organized different appointments with the Biennale and with the local artists linked to it, protected from the crowd, a context favorable for an enriching dialog. The guests have lived their own Biennale, their own Venice.

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